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  • Why should I use a Travel Professional when I can book my own vacations online?
    There are no shortages of booking engines and trip review sites available for you to book your own travel, and sometimes it makes sense to do so. The shortage comes in the amount of time and energy necessary to weed through the overload of information and make sense of it all. Dreaming about your trip is exciting, trying to figure out if your layover gives you enough time to get to your connection, figuring how to get to your hotel (and where is the best located hotel anyway?), and deciding if you need to purchase tickets in advance for the must-see attraction on your trip, is not. A travel professional devotes the hours needed to research, and uses her connections all over the world, to create experiences that are not the typical internet finds. Not only are locations and tours vetted, but clients often receive access to amenities and upgrades not available to most travelers. And if an unfortunate issue should arise (cancellled flight?!?), it can often be quickly resolved by having an experienced travel professional on your side. Travel is such a personal experience. Professional guidance is invaluable when trying to blend travel styles together. Part of the group wants to see as many things they can in the day after their 5:30 am run, while another part of the group would rather wake up a bit later and people watch in a café, and the kids just don’t want to see another museum! Vacations are an investment in time and money, and beneficial in so many ways. It’s an art to ensure that every member of the group feels represented and comes away with great memories.
  • When should I start planning for my trip?
    When to begin planning your trip depends on many factors. For some destinations and accommodations with limited supply and/or seasonal availability, it makes sense to book this type of travel up to a year ahead. Groups will also need as much time as possible to ensure that all members can be accommodated. Six to nine months often offers a perfect balance of having the pick of your choice of hotels and experiences in most locations, while allowing enough time to plan for saving and time off from work. However, if you have flexibility and an open mind, last minute trips can be a great option as well! So much has been written about the best time to purchase flights, again this depends largely on your destination and time of year. It’s best to schedule a consultation with KM Travel Design to discuss your specific travel plans as far in advance as possible.
  • Is travel insurance necessary?
    Many of us have the idea that any type of warranty or insurance above the cost of a product or service is a rip-off. I must admit, I wasn’t always so sure of this one myself. Bottom line, travel insurance is usually worth looking into (almost always for international travel), and can sometimes be a necessity. If you are planning and prepaying for travel that is expensive, you want to protect that investment. Additionally, when traveling out of the country in most cases your primary health insurance will not cover you, so having secondary health coverage through travel insurance can be a life saver. One common misconception that many people have is the belief that the credit card used for payment will cover anything that might be needed. Most credit cards do carry some travel benefits, but the coverage is often minimal and can differ greatly. Always get a quote from a third-party insurance provider to compare coverage benefits. KM Travel Design can provide resources to help you make the best decision for your situation.

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