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Group Travel

“The best gifts in the world are not in the material objects one can buy from the store, but in the memories we make with the people we love.”

– Amanda Boyarshinov

Photo Credit: Flytographer Orlando in Barcelona

​Group travel is increasing in popularity every year. There are many different shapes and sizes of group travel, whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or even colleagues. Spending time connecting with each other while experiencing new adventures is the best of both worlds. These are some of the most popular types for 2021:

multi-generational travel

Multi-Generational Travel

More than ever, grandparents, parents and children are traveling together to distant places to enjoy time together. It’s also a great way to celebrate big events such as milestone birthdays and anniversaries.

family reunions

Family Reunions

If you really want to take your next family reunion to the next level, how about scheduling a trip? Packages can include separate space for each family, organized activities for every interest and activity level (especially for the kids), and meals prepared for you (instead of by you). Turn that family reunion into something truly memorable (for all the right reasons)!

friends trips

Friends & Couple Trips

Girls getaway at the beach? Couples weekend in Napa Valley? Mid-winter golf trip? I can accommodate any type of adventure.


Wellness Travel

Wellness travel can include spa treatments and therapies, healthy eating and culinary events, fitness activities and adventures such as walking tours, hiking, paddling and yoga, inspirational outings and adventures in nature that clear or expand the mind. Wellness can also include voluntourism, because “giving back” increases one’s sense of well-being.

winey travel

Themed Travel

For groups sharing an interest or a common goal, group travel is as varied as their interests. Travel groups can be based on broad interests such as wine, art, golf, history, music, or as specific as English gardens, authentic German bier at Oktoberfest, or mountain climbing in Nepal.

How KM Travel Design can help create your ideal group trip

  • Help the group leader define desires and budgets.

  • Research the best options for travel.

  • Organize and plan every detail for the group such as flights, lodging, and activities.

  • Create a personalized group website for the sharing of information, collecting payments and organizing group data.


 Click on the link below to get started on your complementary consultation on how to make your dream group trip a reality.

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