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Hearing the pounding footsteps nearing, I scanned the palace grounds, quickly locking eyes on the soldiers filing in in perfect order, their large bearskin hats almost covering their eyes, arms swinging in crisp red jackets, with no less than Buckingham Palace as the backdrop to their stage. The sergeant yelled a command, and, with military precision, the band began to play. 

I was sixteen years old, experiencing my very first trip abroad, and watching living history with the changing of the guard.  My love for travel started then, when my family left my small hometown in upstate New York for a multi-generational trip to Ireland and England.


We traveled to the bustling, historical cities of London and Dublin and to the ancestral village of my paternal grandfather in Northern Ireland. We met countless relatives while immersed in the life of the Irish countryside.


It felt like another world I was discovering. I was hooked.

Meet Kristin  

My cultural curiosity continued, spurred by a year in Spain and my travels through Europe.


With one change of clothes, a Euro Rail Pass, and a guidebook, I spent my days wandering through cities and nights sleeping in youth hostels. I skied in Interlaken, saw the Mona Lisa in Paris, and got lost (repeatedly) in the small, unmarked streets of Venice.

International travel took a backseat as I received my Master’s in Counseling Education and worked to further my career for many years.


As my three children grew older, I desired to give them the same type of culturally rich experiences that I had in my youth.  I discovered my love for planning vacations while creating the itineraries for my own family.


After receiving many requests to duplicate these types of experiences for others, I decided to combine my love of travel and research with the listening skills I developed as a counselor into KM Travel Design.


My days of backpacking are behind me. These days I much prefer a high-end boutique hotel in the center of town than a hostel.


But I still love finding ways to be immersed in a destination, discovering its heart and soul whether that centers on people, history, heritage, wine and food, art, or adventure.


My passion is to create perfectly planned travel experiences for others, researching and organizing every detail. I blend my client’s styles and needs to help them make meaningful connections and experiences in fabulous locations, providing personal service every step of the way.  


My goal is to create these experiences just for you, allowing you to effortlessly explore other cultures all over the world.


If you are ready to start planning your next inspiring vacation, click the link below to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss how I can design the ideal trip just for you.

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