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What is Your Italian Coast Personality?

Chances are you or someone you know have Italy on your list of places you want to visit. With the “big three” (Venice, Florence and Rome) as must-see locations, often time does not allow experiencing other parts of Italy in the same visit. But with proper planning you may be able to add a few days by the sea.

Cinque Terre on the North coast and the Amalfi coast hours to its south. These are the coastal locations that we picture in our minds when we think of Italy. The colorful houses seemingly hanging from rocks with beautiful blue ocean sparkling below. The local cuisine of each region offering their own spectacular delicacies. How can anyone be expected to decide between these two picturesque locations? It turns out that one might match your personality and interests more than the other.

Cinque Terre is a national park and collection of five villages nestled on the Northern coast of the Italian Riviera. They began as fishing communities only accessible from the sea.

The dazzling cliff- top buildings are small, family run establishments and B&B’s rather than luxury hotels. Hiking and nature are the stars of Cinque Terre. For the most in-depth experience and amazing views, hike the Sentiero Azzurro. (A word of caution however, with at times steep inclines and difficult terrain, it is not recommended for all visitors). Full and half day boat tours are available and are a favorite of many visitors. For the most part, Cinque Terre is not accessible by car, but trains from the major cities reach all five towns. Cinque Terre, although just as popular with tourists (summers are packed), still retains the “off the beaten path” and rustic vibe.

The Amalfi coast has been a tourist destination for over one hundred years and is known for hosting the vacation getaways of the rich and famous. That doesn’t mean that affordable accommodations cannot be found, but more hotels tend to be in the high-end luxury category. The roads are famed for their beauty, curves and sheer drops to the water, with the many towns are stretched out along the coast. Because of the infrastructure, day trips to Pompeii or Naples are easy to do, although public transportation can be more challenging when going from town to town. There are several museums and churches located among the towns and some wonderful beaches to spend the day lounging. As with Cinque Terre, boat tours are readily available, visiting the island of Capri by boat is very popular. In some of the towns the boutique shopping is reason enough for some to vacation there.

While some of where you choose may depend on the location from where you are coming,(for example from Florence or Rome), giving some thought to which one better suits your ideal way to spend your days will help you decide between two fantastic destinations.

If you are interested in finding out more about Italy, schedule a free consultation here.

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