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You are a what?

Times sure have changed. Much of what we used to think of as a travel agent's job, taking vacation orders so to speak, booking hotel and airline tickets, can be done with travel websites online. So, are travel agents still a "thing", and what use could they possibly serve? The answer - they have evolved into a new type of travel professional known as travel advisors. And in my opinion, they are essential to your next big trip. What do they offer you? Read on to find out:

Time. It’s one thing to dream about that perfect vacation but it’s quite another to put in the long hours needed to plan and book it. With so much information available it’s easy to become overwhelmed. You can easily spend days and days scouring the internet reading reviews, etc.

Expert Knowledge. Travel advisors are professionals that are constantly staying up to date and learning about the latest locations, rules, tips, etc.

Tailor-made Custom Travel. You may know you want to travel to a certain destination, and that’s a great starting point. Advisors spend time with you at the beginning of the process to make sure that you fully understand your dream trip. We ask questions you may have not thought of, and make recommendations to narrow down the options, for a truly customized vacation. Each itinerary is unique, as it should be, for each unique traveler. One size does not fit all. Whether it is hotels, resorts, towns and even modes of transportation, your trip should reflect your individual travel style.

Relationships and Connections. Advisors work with companies that they know and trust. Most of these contacts are specialists in your destination, and are often based in your chosen destination. These partnerships allow travel advisors exclusive offers and insider access to all sorts of experiences for your vacation. I’ve got to admit, I love the feeling of getting tickets for a client to an event that is already sold out.

Advocacy. Being in a foreign destination, especially for the first time, can be intimidating. What if something goes wrong? Who can you call? That’s when your travel advisor’s relationships and connections come in handy. Questions before, during and after your trip are no problem at all. As advisors, we suggest helpful tips to make sure it’s smooth sailing from the beginning, with travel insurance recommendations, passport requirements, packing lists, just to name a few.

Better Experience. This all adds up to a better vacation experience for you. Ok, so let’s recap. You contact me as your travel advisor to plan and book your vacation. After an initial consultation, I begin to create the ideal trip for you – adventure, art, food, or just relaxing - you name it. I research the available options and use my relationships to tailor an itinerary to your tastes and budget. All is planned in advance with bookings, confirmations, etc. and you are fully prepared to step in to enjoy your dream vacation. I provide you with all your travel documents in one place for you to consult, and you have the assurance that should any problems arise, you have me to guide you through it. So really when it comes down to it, using a travel advisor is all about the service you receive.

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