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Travel Alone or Bring the Kids? Travel Trends for the New Year

What are some of the travel trends making news this year? Since we are just starting out the new year, there are a few that were established at the end of last year and look to continue the trend this year. Here's a few of the things you can expect:

The Caribbean:

Sun, sand, and sea are draws that you can experience all over the world, but in recent years some of the most visited islands in the world, the Caribbean Islands, have taken some hard blows due to catastrophic weather. Devastated by hurricane season back in 2017, the islands have been hit quite hard physically as well as economically. Much of the infrastructure was destroyed. Electricity took a very long time to restore. Even if businesses such as hotels and restaurants did not receive major damage, many have closed due to the lack of tourism on the islands. However, the Caribbean Islands are resilient, and things are looking up. The Caribbean is making a comeback, as it always does.

Anguilla, an island often overlooked by mainland tourists, was one of the most affected by Hurricane Irma. Despite the devastation, though, Anguilla is in a good position to rebound quickly and better than ever. The start of the tourist season for the tropics, normally the beginning of November, was interrupted by storms and floods on the small island. Anguillans are an industrious people, though, and Cardigan Connor, parliamentary secretary for Anguilla’s tourism sector, told Travel Agent Central that, “We were hit by storms in the past, but the quality of Anguilla, or Anguillans, is that there’s no point looking back. We look forward.”

So, what do tourists have to look forward to when it comes to Caribbean travel? More direct flights than ever, tourist spots revamped after the damage, hotels and resorts better than ever, and an attitude of renewal and rebirth among the locals are only a few perks to travelers hoping to experience what this beautiful part of the world has to offer. Not all parts of the islands are operating at full strength, but even through difficult circumstances, the people of the Caribbean continue to show a fighting spirit and warm hospitality to all. Do you like the idea of giving back when traveling to the Caribbean? Purpose in Paradise, located in the US Virgin Islands, might be the perfect option for you. This program provides voluntourism opportunities in education, environment and enterprise development on the US Virgin Islands and still allows for time for your toes to be in the sand.

Solo Travel:

We all love and appreciate our family and friends, but I’m sure most can agree that sometimes, a little alone time is just what the doctor ordered. That’s why solo travel, exactly what the name implies, is likely to continue to be a big trend in 2019. Haven’t you ever wanted to explore the world with no limitations, ties, or boundaries? If you have, then solo travel might just be for you.

An urge for adventure is all you need to jump into this travel trend this year. Whether it’s Europe, Africa, or the Wild West, solo travel is for the traveler with a wandering spirit and a thirst for adventure. Booking a trip is often easier than booking with multiple people, and going it alone certainly simplifies restaurants, hotels, and tours. But solo travel, despite the name, doesn’t mean that you’ll be a hermit for the time spent away. One of the best parts of this type of voyaging is that you often get the chance to join up with other solo travelers and locals - and have the kind of adventures that you’ll talk about for months after you get home. I can attest to this myself. I traveled for two weeks on my own to a language immersion school in Spain. It was the best of both worlds, experiencing travel independently and meeting a great group of locals and people from around the world.

If you’re a wanderlust-filled soul, then odds are good that you’ll jump right in to solo traveling. Pack a suitcase, a book, and an unquenchable thirst to see the world.

Family travel instead of gifts:

Home is where the heart is, but traveling is where memories for life are made. You might balk at the idea of a family trip instead of giving gifts for the holidays, but more and more families are starting to catch the bug of this new travel trend. Instead of material presents, why not give the gift of the experience of a lifetime? Going to China to greet the stone warriors, to Spain to sample Jamón Ibérico, or to Kenya to meet the Masai people are just a few of the many wonders that this beautiful world has to offer.

Kids might initially be resistant to this new idea—if you have a teenager (like I do) that’s not really a surprise. A new iPhone is nice and seems like something that they can't live without, but looking back at their trip to Hong Kong and all that they learned abroad would be one of the greatest gifts that you could ever give a child. Being able to see the world, and learning lessons that only travel can teach you could change their—and your—lives forever. Next holiday season, it might be a good idea to skip the mall trip in favor of a call to your favorite travel advisor. You just might be giving a newfound love of adventure and travel.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the top travel trends, including a relatively unknown place in Europe that you will hear mentioned in 2019 for sure.

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